Dog Training at Home

with Bark Busters Springfield MO

Instead of your dog embarrassing you when you have guests, imagine guests and strangers alike constantly telling you what a well-behaved dog you have. Instead of your dog taking you for walk, imagine your dog walking perfectly by your side.

Janice & Dick S.
Janice & Dick S. | Nixa

Abby is now an amazing member of our family....

Karla D.
Karla D. | Springfield, Greene

We are so thankful for Stan. We have worked with Stan for several years on a variety of behavior issues concerning a number of different canine companions. Although we have several dogs all with ...

Gayle R.
Gayle R. | Branson, Taney

I was unable to have the training in my home so Stan spent time with me on the phone answering my questions. He is so knowledgeable and relays his advice and suggestions in such a way that is not ...

Tonya N.
Tonya N. | Nixa, Christian

I hoped that Stan could help us with a few of our dog’s negative behaviors. Stan helped us understand his behavior and ways to put us in charge instead of our dog running the show. Our dog has ...

Charity Van M.
Charity Van M. | Nixa

Stan was a pleasure to learn from. He explained his techniques well. He was great at listening to our concerns & providing solutions. So far, we have seen a big difference....

Jennifer L.
Jennifer L. | Mt Vernon

Bark Busters training is easy to use and is allowing our dog to relax and be less stressed and anxious....

Tammy H.
Tammy H. | Nixa

I see positive improvements with our puppy's behavior. I'm glad that I called Bark Busters!...

Jan B.
Jan B. | Harrison

Stan was the first trainer that we felt listened to us. He took the time to know our dogs, address specific problems and explain everything patiently and thoroughly. Having him come to our home made a...

Erica B.
Erica B. | Springfield

Our training experience was great! I was afraid of feeling bad about my dog's behavior and lack of manners but Stan was awesome. He was patient with both of us and my dog surprised me by how well he ...

Brandy H.
Brandy H. | Springfield

We had a wonderful first experience with Bark Busters. Stan is great. He is patient and thorough. We learned so much in the time he was here. We also noticed changes with our dog right away. Stan gave...

Sharon H.
Sharon H. | Republic

Maggie lived on the streets for 3 weeks at 7 months of age. She had several issues - trust, chasing cars, growling at people and basic commands. Since working with Stan she is a different dog. No ...

Tammy M.
Tammy M. | Nixa

We are so grateful to Stan: Our puppy showed immediate respect. The techniques he showed us gave more respect and we are all happier....

Connie J.
Connie J. | Galena

Stan really understands dog behavior and is able to explain it in a way that is completely understandable. His work with my new puppy is making my life with her a very happy experience . My advice: ...

Jody H.
Jody H. | Battlefield

Stan is amazing and very knowledgable. He was a pleasure to work with. This was money well spent, and I would recommend his service to anyone....

Kendra S.
Kendra S. | Republic

I appreciated that Stan arrived on time. He has a professional appearance and presentation. He successfully engaged human and puppy as he addressed the training issues....

Stevia K.
Stevia K. | Nixa

Stan Exceeded my expectations. I was a little nervous about inviting someone into my home, but the minute I met Stan I knew I had made a good decision. I felt at ease and trusted him with my pets. He ...

Connie J.
Connie J. | Galena

Owned alot of dogs and didn't begin to understand their thinking process till Stan explained it & demonstrated how it works. Amazing!...

Karamie E.
Karamie E. | Brookline

Larry is better already. It is amazing that changing the things Stan pointed out could make such an impact on Larry's behavior. The things I have been working on with Larry have made him easier to ...

Tracy M.
Tracy M. | Springfield

Stan is wonderful! He is patient and informative. I saw immediate improvement in my dog's behavior after only a few minutes of our session. The best part is that he comes to our home to train in our ...

Charity W.
Charity W. | Nixa

Stan did an amazing job with helping me get my two dogs' behavior under control. We used very easy communication tools that he completely explains and demonstrates how to do them....

Diane C.
Diane C. | Springfield

We are pleased with Stan's methods. The dogs stopped barking and jumping right away. We worked on sitting on command and that went well too. Stan helped us practice and that went well too. Stan is an ...

john j.
john j. | nixa

We have had 2 dogs which we raised from pups. They lived long and happy lives. We went to Pet Smart one Sat for cat food and my wife walked out with a rescue dog. Best guess on our Fenway was 1 ...

Carol N.
Carol N. | Springfield

Stan Murray was very knowledgable and professional. His personality is easy to interact with. The training session was a positive advancement in correcting Rex's behavior. We look forward to working ...

Treanna P.
Treanna P. | Lebanon

I could not be happier with our trainer, Stan. He called the night before the first visit and we reviewed my training wishlist. He also told me what to expect when he arrived. The training started the...

Joe & Kim L.
Joe & Kim L. | Mt Vernon

We were very impressed with what we saw in just one session. We were skeptical but are now believers! We have seen great improvement and know the true test will be when friends & family come over but ...

Joan B.
Joan B. | Springfield

I would highly recommend Bark Busters and especially Stan Murray. He is great. My dog Milo is only 5 months old and he responded to Stan with no problems. Stan explained everything he does with the ...

Kit K.
Kit K. | Nixa

The training with Stan was very positive and I can say with confidence that I have been able to keep their behavior moving forward on my own. The reinforcement is working....

Meagan R.
Meagan R. | Mt Vernon

Stan, you rock!...

Ginger F.
Ginger F. | Walnut Grove

I wanted to build a relationship with my new puppy that didn't rely on a food-oriented response. The training session was very informative. Stan made it easy and enjoyable. We have already recommended...



Most behavioral issues are learned based on both experiences and environment. That’s why in home dog training is so effective because this is where most behavioral issues occur and it’s where your dog feels the safest. Because your dog can’t speak English and you can’t “speak dog” many miscommunications occur. At Bark Busters, we can teach you how to communicate with your dog in a language he understands.


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